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Looking For the Best Asbestos Removal in New Plymouth?

When you’re seeking the best asbestos removal in New Plymouth, look no further than our award-winning team at Central Demolition.

We prioritise asbestos safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection. Our professional expertise ensures project efficiency, from residential to industrial.

Trust us to handle your asbestos removal needs, while keeping your environment safe and adhering to the strictest regulations.

Let us bring our knowledge and experience to your project.

Staff Qualifications and Experience

Our team’s qualifications and experience are second to none, ensuring projects are handled with utmost professionalism and expertise. Staff certifications and industry expertise are nurtured through rigorous training programs.

Our team’s project experience, honed over two decades, is unparalleled. We invest heavily in professional development, resulting in a team that continuously sets new benchmarks in the industry.

How Asbestos Removal Works

To understand the importance of choosing a professional asbestos removal provider, you need to grasp the multiple steps involved in the process, which ensures safety and efficiency.

Skilled teams follow strict safety protocols, using precise removal techniques to mitigate health risks. They’re mindful of the environmental impact, implementing responsible disposal procedures.

This comprehensive approach guarantees the safe and efficient elimination of asbestos, protecting you and the environment.

Asbestos Testing Services in New Plymouth

Our team applies precise asbestos testing methods and strict sampling procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

We focus on minimising health risks utilising expert removal techniques. Trust us to navigate this intricate process, protecting both you and the environment.

Class A Asbestos Removal (Friable Asbestos)

Class A asbestos removal licensing authorises the handling of friable asbestos, which is asbestos material that can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure when dry. This license also covers the removal of asbestos-contaminated dust and any amount of friable asbestos. Rely on our professionally trained and experienced team for this high-risk task.

We strictly comply with the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016, ensuring all necessary safety procedures are followed. Our team is fully equipped with the appropriate safety gear and continuously updated on the latest training to guarantee efficient and safe asbestos removal, prioritising your health and safety at every step.

Class B Asbestos Removal (Non-Friable Asbestos)

Class B asbestos removal licensing is designed for handling non-friable asbestos, which does not easily crumble into a powder and is typically found in materials like cement sheets. This license also permits the removal of asbestos-contaminated dust that results from the removal process of non-friable asbestos or from minor maintenance work.

Our expertise is strong in residential settings, where we adhere rigorously to safety measures and use all required protective gear. We meet all training standards and follow strict waste disposal practices as outlined by New Zealand’s asbestos regulations, minimising any health risks and ensuring the safety of your family during and after the asbestos removal process.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

In the realm of commercial asbestos removal, we’re your trusted partner, equipped with advanced technology and a dedicated team of professionals to ensure a safe and efficient process.

Our solutions prioritise safety measures, expert project management, and minimal environmental impact.

We’re committed to delivering unrivalled client satisfaction, making your workspace safer, healthier and free from hazardous asbestos.

Demolition in New Plymouth

When it comes to demolition in New Plymouth, you can rely on Central Demolition’s seasoned expertise and dedicated service for both commercial and residential projects.

We uphold strict demolition safety measures while minimising environmental impact. Our comprehensive cost analysis ensures budget-friendly solutions.

We prioritise regulatory compliance and engage with the community for smooth operations. Trust us to deliver excellence in every project.

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Areas We Service

We provide asbestos removal services to the entire New Plymouth and Taranaki region, including:

Bell Block, Waiwhakaiho, Welbourn, Vogeltown, Westown, Spotswood, Moturoa, Fitzroy, Glen Avon, Brooklands, Ridgewood, Hurdon, Whalers Gate, Lynmouth, Frankleigh Park, Sentry Hill, Paraite, Hillsborough, Burgess Park, Hurworth and Omata.

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